Pinoy Pride

Pinoy Pride – Ramiro Hinojas

Probably one of the worst things about Metro Manila is the traffic. Anyone who has been to the country’s capital will tell you that driving in Manila is as stressful as trying to deactivate a bomb. Even locals will tell you that traffic is one of the things that need to be improved in this country.

It’s common to see traffic cops on the roads trying to ease the bottlenecks and traffic flow. Most of the time they’re looked at (I think the more apt term is glared at) with disdain and dismay. Truth of the matter is, these traffic police are paid peanuts for a very difficult job. Think about the pollution that they’re exposed to and add to that the Philippine heat and humidity – it’s not the most sought after job. On top of all of that, they also get verbally abused by drivers who are so stressed and can’t lash out on anyone but them just because it’s convenient.

This is where Ramiro Hinojas comes in. As a traffic cop, he experiences the hazards of the job and then some. But instead of being depressed, jaded and/or angry, he wanted to come up with an idea to make the motorist’s experience in traffic better. Taking a cue from his deceased idol, Michael Jackson, Ramiro started dancing on the streets while directing traffic to entertain the motorists. This holiday season, he has donned a Santa outfit to spread holiday cheer.

Most motorists appreciate this act by Hinojas, with some even stopping by the nearby mall to purchase some drinks and food to give it to him. Some more generous souls give him cash to augment his meager income. Although there are still some motorists that won’t steer clear of insulting him, he takes it lightly and lets it roll down his back like water on a duck. “It gives me joy to see people happy while they’re stuck in traffic, because I know how the rush hour can make anyone crazy” Hinojas states.

So, when you see a dancing Santa, you’re not tripping. Just give him a honk, a wave or a smile. Ramiro Hinojas, is definitely a deserving recipient of Pinoy Pride. Mabuhay ka!



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