About Me

Jan 12th

Hello! My name is Beth. I’ve been married for 17 years, and am the mom of an eight year old. Three years ago we moved to Miami (although in my mind I still say it as “We just moved”) from Arizona. In Arizona I liked to joke around that I was a trophy wife. Now that we are in Miami I am still an Arizona Level Trophy Wife, which I have learned is very different from a Miami Trophy wife. In order to become a Miami Trophy Wife I would need to: work out (I would like to say “work out more”, but who am I kidding? My body shows there is no working out at all); eat (a lot) less; and start buying name brand clothes instead of shopping at Target and Kohl’s. Getting a real hairstyle and putting on makeup more than once a week would probably be necessary too. My car would need to be drastically upgraded as well. A Porsche or Rolls would be ideal, but I could probably settle for a BMW or Lexus, as long as it was the top of line one and I traded it in every two years. Okay, every year.

I am exhausted just typing this list. So an Arizona Level Trophy Wife I shall stay.

The beauty of being an Arizona Level Trophy Wife is that I do not need to treat my husband the way I imagine Miami Level Trophy Wives need to treat theirs. I.E, really well. 🙂 So I continue being a mediocre cleaner and do not iron his clothes. Although a true Miami Trophy Wife probably doesn’t do these things, either. The maid does. But I’m sure the wife oversees it and ensures it gets done.

I do however, still love to cook and bake. But, as we have established, I am lazy and do not feel the need to cater to my husband, so my kitchen is not always well stocked and I do not always have all the necessary ingredients on hand when I get the desire to cook or bake. And even though there is a grocery store that is so close I can see it from my kitchen window, leaving the house to shop would mean turning off “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix. Before that it was “That 70s Show”. And Pysch, Greek, Dawsons Creek, Glee. And more then I can remember. In fact, my husband had to remind me of half of these as I update this on our 17th Anniversary. He wants credit for paying attention to what I do. 🙂

So a lot of times I prepare a recipe with “One Missing Ingredient”. I substitute and play around with what I have on hand to find a way to make it work (said in my head in my best Tim Gunn voice). And amazingly, a lot of times it does work.

So here are some recipes I’ve tinkered with while drooling over Hook. Hope you enjoy them! And if you have any substitutions you like to make, or a show I should watch next (after Good Girls Revolt and Big Little Lies), please feel free to share! And please follow me on Pinterest! You can find me under AZtrophywife. Which is what you can also find me as on Instagram. 🙂