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Manila Sole saves the planet

There’s a rather huge buzz going on about recycled or upcycled shoes. It would seem that more and more people are going green and are getting environmentally conscious about their purchases and the products that they use. This is good news for Manila Sole, a local shoe company that offers the everyday Pinoy an opportunity to wear comfortable, fashionable and eco-friendly shoes. (Well, every Pinoy man. Don’t worry, they are working on the women’s line as we speak)

Traditional shoe manufacturing involves a lot of chemical processes and the use of new raw materials has its toll in the environment. Manila Sole uses recycled tires for its sole, making it very environmentally friendly. There’s no exact number of used tires collected here in the Philippines but what we know is that they’ve collected 270 million used tires in the US. That’s a lot of tires and that’s a lot of weight on Mother Nature. If you mention this to the guys behind Manila Sole, they would probably say in unison “Send it to us!”

Manila Sole is the brainchild of three young entre-Pinoys: Rex, Noel and Jaime. Their business and purpose in making these shoes is to ensure that the everyday pinoy can have a pair of shoes that are comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly. You could say that Manila Sole wrote the rulebook on eco-friendly nationalistic footwear here in the Philippines. This years collection seems to be poised to break into the mainstream market – with colors and designs that are both classic and trendy. Best of all, it’s practical.

“We wanted to give the everyday Pinoy a pair of shoes that he can wear for work and for a night out, can endure the strains of commuting, is sturdy and most of all, affordable.” Rex states. They also wanted the shoes to reflect Pinoy pride which is why they name each shoe after a Filipino hero.

Buying Manila Sole doesn’t just give you brownie points for being ecologically aware, you are also helping out the local shoe industry. Manila Sole is 100% pure pinoy – with their shoes being manufactured in the Philippines’ shoe capital, Marikina. Ask your parents and grandparents and they would say that the best and sturdiest shoes are made from Marikina. Overseas made shoes may be cheap but they’re cheap for a reason. A Manila Shoe purchase is a solid investment on quality. These shoes prove that Pinoy made products are of excellent and can compete in the international market.

Some changes and improvements have been made with their shoes. Previously they were using the inner tube for the soles (as you can see on ANC’s Green Living feature about them below), since most tires don’t use inner tubes anymore, they are now using the actual tire with the treads. Personally, I think this is better as this would most definitely protect the feet from any dangerous sharp objects and it would have a better grip on the road. Excellent idea once again!

Want to have your own pair of Manila Sole shoes? They’re launching their newest collection at the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center from July 13th to the 15th. Doors open at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. Check out their latest collection below:

Manila Sole's Del PilarManila Sole's MabiniManila Sole's RizalManila Sole's BonifacioManila Sole's Aguinaldo



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