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Sifra – Interiors and Objects

We’re currently remodeling our home and we wanted to have a more zen like or at least very Asian like feel to it. I’ve been scouring places where I can get pretty Asian objects and stuff and I have found Sifra in Glorietta.

Sifra is actually an Judeo – Aramaic word that is a collective body of Jewish religious law. More specifically, it talks about the midrash Halakha, often quoted in the Torah. It’s quite an unusual word to use for a shop that mostly sells Asian furniture and objects.

Though their prices aren’t exactly cheap, they are very beautiful and very classy. They’re exactly what you want in your home if you’re making it look like a Moroccan tent.

Visit their website here or visit them at the Home Zone area, 3rd Floor, Glorietta 4. (telephone number: 7527174)



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  1. aileen

    The store in glorietta have lots of nice things that we liked.but the staffs from the 2stores are so bad!!!!they’re not accommodating.they just watched tv and didn’t bother to stand up to accommodate us. the 2 guys in the other store were just watching tv 2-10-11. and the girl on the other store’s just inside the counter and didn’t bother to stand up to look and ask the the customers that came in.

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