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Lloyd Mara (Present Perfect)

We have already proven time and time again that Filipinos are absolutely talented. Lloyd Mara is one of them.

Lloyd Mara is a highly talented singer, songwriter and musician. His songs are very relatable and are so easy to remember that they’re not just catchy – they’re endearing. His latest single, “Dito lang ako” talks about the families of our modern heroes, the OFWs. There is an estimated 2 million Overseas Filipino Workers back in 2010. These OFWs have jobs ranging from education, domestic help, blue collar and special services. These OFWs contributed to almost 141 billion pesos in remittances, thereby helping our economy greatly.

The life of an OFW is far from an easy one. They have to leave their families, care for other people’s children while they leave theirs behind and go through all of this with a smile. The families who get left behind are affected too – the single parent now has to cope with everything that a two parent household would require and keep everything running smoothly. Lloyd Mara’s song is realistic and inspiring, it speaks of the communication between the one overseas and the ones left behind: That everything is fine, that we are still here and that we are grateful and we believe in you. Assurances and encouragement.

You can see Lloyd Mara on TV every weekday on TV5’s The Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A.



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  1. Jack Portez

    This music video was dedicated to the OFW who showed up dedication on their own field of works. Thank you Llyod for this amazing talent of yours and supporting OFW. More power to you and success. God Bless you always…

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