The Remittance Gang

For the second time in a few months on the same area of Alabang Zapote road in Las Pinas, we were targeted by Remittance Gangs.

Incident #1

After visiting Cebuana Lhuillier and collecting P1,000, my girlfriend walked across Alabang Zapote road on her way to Robinsons. As he reached the pavement, someone bumped into her. She realized that her bag had been opened and checked inside to find her Sony phone and P1,000 missing.

This prompted me to buy her an anti theft bag which includes locking zips and anti slash lining.

Incident #2

My girlfriend was away and her brother was staying with me. A month earlier I had slipped on the floor and damaged my back, which already has 3 slipped disks. I have been unable to walk or move much, which is why when my girlfriend went to the provinces, her brother kindly came to help me out around the house.

I needed to get some money as I planned to visit the hospital the next week for a scan. I used an online remittance service to send just over P16,000 under my girlfriends bothers name and her went to collect it at M Lhuillier on Alabang Zapote road.

While he was collecting the money, he noticed two young men peering in through the window.

As he left and went to Robinsons to get a few items I asked him to collect, the two men followed him. He went inside Robinsons and one of the men stayed outside while the other followed him in.

He then saw the man left outside, joined by 3 other men. He knew exactly what was going down and that as he would leave, the 4 men outside would stop him, while one behind him would be there for backup.

He grabbed just a few items from Robinsons, paid for them and walked towards the exit. As soon as he stepped out of Robinsons, he bolted, running as fast as he could towards the trike terminal and immediately jumped on a trike.

This quick thinking saved him from being robbed. There is no doubt that if he had not done this, they would have jumped him, beaten him and taken the money.


I am in no doubt that gangs are watching the Remittance businesses, looking for people collecting money and then picking them off because they are easy targets, or because they have a large amount of cash onĀ  them.

You would think that these places would be more secure in their design with windows that did not allow people outside to peer inside and see tellers counting cash.

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