The Philippines in Tweets

Using twitters API which provides GPS coordinates of tweets and OpenMap, over 6 billion tweets were loaded with their GPS coordinates and the results are stunning.

The map (shown below) covers the entire world and shows some of the hot spots for tweets.

Looking at the Philippines, you can see the major cities lit up.

The Philippines in Tweets


The Philippines in Tweets Luzon

Zoom in further and you can see the malls and roads.

The Philippines in Tweets Mega Manila

Quite interestingly, I found that some of the tweets are located in Manila Bay, which I can only imagine are fishermen or people on cruises. (click on the image to view larger version, each green dot is a tweet)

The Philippines in Tweets Manila Bay

Interactive Map

Click on the image below to load the fullscreen map in a new window.
The Philippines in Tweets Interactive Map



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