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My KFC experience – Is it over the top?

It has been a long time since KFC and I had a chance to interact with each other. We’ve had our good times however the previous experience with their delivery service left us wary of having another meal delivered. We figured, that since it has been a good period of time, we could give KFC another go. I really wanted them to get this delivery right this time as I was just packed with work and was really ravenous. But as my luck would have it, I put it out there in the universe and you know that sometimes the universe has a really cruel sense of humor and irony.

kfc websiteI called the delivery hotline but I couldn’t get through. After about 3 tries, I decided to just order online. I placed my order at about 7 PM. I get an email back at 7:12 PM saying that the order has been received and that I should expect my meal to be delivered in 30 minutes. So, that would mean that my meal would be in front of me at 7:42 give or take a few minutes. By 7:45, there was no call nor any email from KFC. I was hoping that they would call if the driver was lost or something but nothing. So, I sent an email and I called the delivery hotline. The girl I spoke with said that the order has been dispatched and that the driver should be on its way. I called again 5 minutes later and I got the same answer. The second agent said that she will send the branch manager a message and will ask the manager to give me call to update me on the delivery.

At 8PM, I was already very unhappy. I was ready to throw in the towel when at 8:12PM, exactly an hour later, my meal arrived. Cold. About 10 minutes later, I get a phone call from KFC delivery and the supervisor asked what my concern was. I sternly but politely said that they should call 20 minutes later as I am in the process of consuming their late and cold meal. Not even 10 minutes later, I get a call from the branch that my meal came from. The manager was a very upbeat woman that spoke about 4 thousand words per minute and didn’t quite know how to listen. I give her points of cheerfulness but I take the points back for inappropriate cheerfulness. I had to tell her 3 times that I was a woman and that she should stop calling me “Sir”. It was only when I raised my voice out of frustration that she finally understood. She also did not know why she was calling me as she asked me what my concern was and why I requested for a callback. Completely annoyed now, I explained what had happened and she apologized and said that she will just send another meal for free. I didn’t want the meal. I already had my meal. What I wanted was an explanation as to why this has happened. She kept on offering the free meal and was almost pushing it. I had to tell her for the third time that I didn’t want that meal and that I do not want anything but an explanation which I clearly was not going to get. It was then that I just gave up. I asked for the number for their head office and said I’ll just give them a call.

kfc cheese topClearly, there’s something going on here. There’s a very tangible and very evident break in the chain. The whole fiasco of the Cheese Top Burger is a very good example. In this day and age, technology and social media can make or break you. If your commercial goes viral then you get all the publicity for free! If a boo-boo goes viral then you’d have to spend a rather large sum of money to do damage control. The Cheese Top burger could have gone somewhere. It seemed like a cute and novel idea. I mean, why not? They did the double down burger, and that was somewhat a hit (for a while before massive coronary blockages happened) so why not another inside out burger? The reviews were mixed. Some thought it was great while some other person thought it was so-so while still some thought it was not the best idea. I like this review because they did their research and were honest about what they really thought. The Cheese Top burger isn’t faring as well as the Double Down. This one just had less than ideal comments and blog posts

I called up the head office the next day and spoke to a customer care officer. I explained what has happened and I told them what I wanted. I did not want any free meals or any other generous offer. I didn’t want anyone singled out and reprimanded because clearly, this is not just one person’s error. I wanted an assurance that this would not happen again by virtue of a re-training or refresher course. Corrective Action (or disciplinary action) on any one person involved will not solve the problem. The real issue, in my opinion is the way the system is going or isn’t going as the case may be. I was a manager once and I sure as hell would not call a customer without knowing what the hell is going on. I want to know what has been said, what has been done and what was promised so far. To call a customer blind and even asking the customer to explain the situation will only result in an even more pissed off customer.The customer care officer said that she will do what she can and will coordinate with the respective departments and individuals. She also promised to give me feedback and have someone call me within the next 48 hours.

They made good with that promise. They sent me text messages and called me to inform me of what has been done so far. I just really hope that they make good with the retraining or refresher course. I guess I’d have to check back in a month.

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3 Comments on My KFC experience – Is it over the top?

  1. Jr Gilbert

    I would like for the KFC Family know that here in Lexington, KY
    My wife and I visit the KFC located on Boardwalk . There is a little Black African girl that works there and every time we have been there she is the most friendly and pleasant person and all ways greet everyone with a pleasant hello, She a outstanding employee. (sorry I do not know her name)

    • They don’t deliver in all countries. This review is about a branch in the Philippines. KFC head office took action and improved the branch. They even sent us a large complimentary order as an apology.
      I really like KFC and always have. It is just a shame that sometimes, some franchises can slip below the usual bar of quality.

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