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Eat Well – SM Mall of Asia (Best Customer Service)

This is a long belated post of one of the best customer service experience we have ever had in a long time. I’m sorry that it took this long to give recognition to an establishment that truly understands and puts a premium on Customer Service.

The kids had to have their passports done and so I decided to go to the area early and have a meal before we actually went to the DFA. The kids wanted Chinese and so we started our trek to find a Chinese restaurant that they approve of. We chanced upon Eat Well which at that time, was on their soft opening. It was perfect serendipity – a wonderful opportunity to check the restaurant at a time that they’re supposedly at their best and a chance to have the kids eat authentic Chinese food and not the fast food type.

Eat Well has other branches in the metro and they have the reputation of serving affordable and authentic (not to mention delicious) Chinese dishes. From dimsum to signature dishes, Eat Well offers excellent and filling Chinese food. However, it is not just the food that I was impressed with – it was their passionate dedication to make every customer experience more than satisfactory.

The kids have seafood allergies so it’s important that I have to ask about their menu and ingredients. Since the kids were obsessed with spring rolls (aka lumpia), I asked if there were any seafood or shrimps in their spring rolls and the waitress said “It’s pork or shrimp lumpia, ma’am.” Or at least I thought I heard her say and I assumed that she understood because I sounded like a broken record saying that the kids have seafood allergies.

When the spring rolls came, the kids wasted no time in snarfing them down. True enough, after a minute, the splotches and hives were appearing and I asked the waitress what was inside the spring rolls. “Shrimp and pork po, ma’am” I freaked out and said that I wanted pure pork filling because of the allergies of the kids. I was ready to blow my top because the rest of the food came in after this fact. But, I was not ready to be blown away by what happened next.

Jennifer, our server immediately apologized and offered to replace the dish with something else. She asked for some cold water to be brought to the table for the kids to drink so that they can at least saturate the intake of the seafood. She also asked for cold towels to be brought to the table so that it can be used to soothe the itchies of the kids. She even offered to go to the pharmacy and buy some Benadryl for the kids but I told her I’ll do it if she can just watch over the kids while I’m out.

When I came back, she was indeed babysitting the kids and was conversing with them sincerely. She assisted in giving the kids their medicine and true to her word, she never left our side and was there at a breath to assist us with whatever we need.

After the meal, I realized that she did all of these without any instructions from her manager. She had to explain to her manager what had happened and the manager came over and spoke to us and apologized and hoped that we were okay. I explained that Jennifer was more than excellent and that they have one good staff member in their restaurant. This impressed me more!

Eat Well does not just offer good food and a nice ambiance – they live their customer service policy. and this writer highly recommends Eat Well in MoA.

Eat Well Delicious Kitchen is located at the Mall Of Asia. It’s near the SM Hypermart entrance.




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    • Hi Rose,

      Sorry for the less than ideal service you’ve received from Eat Well. We’re not actually associated with Eat Well and that was just a review on the service we’ve experienced with them. Hopefully, makita nila yung comment mo and that they can also comment on it and hope that they use it as constructive criticism para mas umayos pa ang customer service nila.

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