Encore-Superclub Out and About

Encore Superclub

encoresquare Encore SuperclubEncore is the former (and very controversial) Embassy Superclub. Their patrons are prety upper crust, ergo the steep entrance fee or cover charge.

There are two rooms or areas that cater to two types of crowds: The Hip-hop and R&B folks and those who prefer Electronica and Techno.

The architecture is more futuristic. This feel is evident in their furniture, lighting and floor plan. The club exudes of a very sleek and modern vibe without sacrificing space for dancing.

Cover charge is 650 pesos on Mondays but it’s fully consumable. On Wednesdays it’s 400 pesos and that comes with 3 drinks and 500 pesos on Fridays, with 3 drinks. But if you get yourself on the guest list on www.encorefridays.tk, you get in for free.

They’re very strict with who they let in so if you’re below 18, they’re going to have to send you home. Make sure to bring a valid ID that would prove your age. They also implement a very strict dress code. No sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, shorts or caps for men and no flip-flops for women.

Encore superclub is located at the Fort Square at the Bonifacio Global City. They’re open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.



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