Moose Munch Popcorn

Aug 15th

According to Facebook, everyone started school this past week. Except us, here in Florida. We still have another whole week to go. And I’m glad we had/have these two weeks, and not just because next week we will be in New York (having tea with Eloise at The Plaza! I feel like I should buy a hat).

This week was a really good week too. We had play dates four out of the five days. And three of the days were at our place. With multiple kids coming and going at different times. Which means I spent a lot of time in our elevator, bringing kids to and from the lobby.


This gave me plenty of time to read the minutes from the buildings most recent monthly board meeting, as they post them in the elevator. And I had to keep reading them because I couldn’t believe some of them. Especially the one that states that they want to add to section 11, page 7 of the Rules and Regulations that it is three plants allowed per unit NOT per balcony. Because apparently while three plants are okay, any more than that would be…tacky? To much weight for the balconies? Provide more oxygen then we need? It obviously can’t be that a plethora of plants would be to ostentatious or showy, cause in Miami we strive for that.

Then it got crazier. The follow up to the meeting minutes was the arrival of our monthly building newsletter. This also contained a recap of the minutes, some ads, and on the back page, a little blurb about our buildings “library”. The library is essentially a bookshelf placed next to the mailboxes, where you can borrow books to read. Averi LOVES the library. Every time we pass it she wants to see if kids books have been added. Sadly, there almost never are. So I encourage her to place books on there that she has outgrown, to maybe encourage other people to put kids books there. So she will occasionally place a book or two on the shelves.

Last month we redid her art area and I drastically thinned down her coloring books as she never uses them. Most were practically new, so I encouraged her to bring them to the “library”. She agreed and added a few books as well. It was by far the biggest stack we have brought down. Within two days they were all gone. Averi was ecstatic, thinking some kids had gotten them and that maybe it meant other books would be added. She keeps checking.

Then came the newsletter and the blurb, which I am pretty sure was written for us, as I’ve never seen them mention the library before. And the blurb specifically mentioned adding childrens books. Because apparently we broke the rules. Because apparently there are rules for the bookshelf library. Which is that no one can add books on their own. There is a blue basket kept near there the shelves and apparently if you wish to donate books you must place them in the basket, and not directly on the shelves (as we had been doing), so the books could be approved. APPROVED. So again I am left to ask, are they worried some one will add…play boy magazines? The karma sutra? Or something really awful like Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray (and by awful, I mean awful writing, ha!)

So. Many. Rules. Dictating everything. And as I said, I had a lot of kids in and out this week. I even made a joke about running a day care. I hope they know it was a joke because I am sure it isn’t allowed to run a daycare out of your condo. I’m assuming I’ll find out for sure in next months minutes and/or newsletter. But to be safe, I’m thinking I should bring some treats to my neighbor, who is on the board. Remind her that she likes us. 😉

We are also having movie night tonight. Which requires popcorn. Which made me think of my friend Ceci and the awesome popcorn she gave as goodie bags at her sons birthday party a few years ago. Perfect treat for neighbor and for movie night! I texted Ceci for the recipe, and as a bonus, ended up having a lovely convo with her. I miss you Ceci!

Her recipe is pretty simple – popcorn, melted white chocolate chips and sprinkles. I had it all. Or so I thought until I couldn’t find my sprinkles. So I started looking for what I could replace it with. Michael suggested peanuts, but you know how I feel about nuts in my desserts. He tried to sell it to me by mentioning moose munch. And he succeeded. And I got excited and dded not only the peanuts, but also semi sweet chocolate chips and caramel sauce. I kept searching my pantry, hoping I had marshmallows. I didn’t, but I did manage to find the sprinkles tucked behind my fig jam.


The popcorn was fantastic. Pouring the hot, melted chocolates over the popcorn makes it softer, which makes for chewy chocolatey, caramely goodness. This will definitely keep us on the board’s good side. And if I make again, adding the marshmallows, I bet I could run a day care out of the condo. Or at least get a fourth plant. 😉

Moose Munch Popcorn

1 bag microwave popcorn

1/3 cup white chocolate chips

1/3 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup caramel

1/8 cup peanuts

1/8 cup sprinkles

1/4 cup marshmallows

Pop popcorn. Remove unpopped kernels. Pour remainder into a bowl.

Melt both sets of chocolate chips. Pour over popcorn, coating all. Once coated, add caramel, peanuts and sprinkles.

Once popcorn and chocolate has cooled down some, add marshmallows. It is very important to not add them while mixture is still hot, as you do not want marshmallows to melt. If you are not sure, just add one or two to check consistency. Once all marshmallows are added, combine.

Pour popcorn mixture onto wax paper, spreading out. Let chocolate set. Then enjoy!