Updating Posts

Mar 26th

Don’t tell the husband but I was approved a few months ago for advertising by Blog Her. And I was approached by another company that was interested in advertising on my blog. But the email was from an educational company that I have never heard of and it was very poorly written, so I don’t think I will make my millions from them. 🙂

I haven’t followed through on either though (this is the part you don’t tell the husband), because I have to fix some things first on the blog. And that is suspiciously like work. But it’s time I bite the bullet and get cracking on the fixing.

I’m starting with the easiest step first – fixing my photos. It involved writing a list of all my crap photos, and making plans to remake the food so I can take better pics. Last week I did the cake mix cookies. Today I crossed two more off the list – Lemon Pudding Cake Mix and Crock Pot Balsamic Pork.

I had been planning on making the pork all week, as my goal is to do one a week. The cake came about because yesterday our group held a pig roast. It was incredible. The best pork ever. You have not lived till you have had pork skin straight off a mojo marinated slow roasted (or whatever the correct term is for it) pork

boxwithcoals pigroastbox koshersaltpig mojopork

pigroasted pighead

Are these pictures not making you salivate? Well, maybe not the pig head one. 🙂

Anyway, back to the cake. I contributed some snacks and sodas to the roast. But a friend made incredible sangria and the kids were too busy playing to eat or drink (more pig for us!), so there were a lot of cases of soda left, including an entire one of sprite. Which meant cake was made today.


Three recipes down, 22 to go! And please, if you ever host a pig roast, invite me.