Sweet Potato Green Chili Stew

Jan 27th

It has been over a year since I started this blog. I meant to do a one year anniversary entry, but I barely posted in December so that didn’t happen. I also considered doing what other blogs do – make a list of my top recipes, or recipes most pinned, or most commented on, or most something else that would show how cool I and this blog. But, that would require research and that seemed suspiciously like work so that didn’t happen either.

But as I sit here typing and watching Parks and Rec, I realize that if I am going to make a list of anything, it should be the shows that I binged on Netflix while cooking and typing. It started with That 70s Show, then went on to include Psych, Greek, 30 Rock, Girl Meets World, Chasing Life, and then Greek a second time because I really do love that show. Watch it if you haven’t. And then tell me if you are Team Cappy or Team Bing. But don’t actually tell me if you are Team Bing because then we can’t be friends anymore.

I did do one thing for the anniversary that I wanted to do. When I started the blog it was after making a dinner of Sweet Potato Green Chili Stew where I had to improvise some of the important ingredients because I was missing them. And it all came together from there. But since I wasn’t actually writing the blog then, I didn’t photograph any of the prep or final product. Because you know, I don’t normally take pictures of my meals. Unless I am eating them in a restaurant. Because that is just what civilized people do. 🙂

I always meant to remake the dish so that I could take pictures and replace the shot of the beach that I had initially put up.


And I finally did it last night. And I have to say, it tasted just as good as I remember it being.



So glad for this happy mistake! And all the happy mistakes that have happened since this first one and will continue to happen.

And I would appreciate it if you continue to read, comment, pin, post and whatever other new fangled technology and social media options there are. Please and thank you. Let me know if you get it. I literally want to know.