Mountains and Mexican Food

Jul 24th

I am in full on vacation mode. It started two weeks ago when we flew into San Diego and were joined by some friends for the weekend.

Then we all drove back to Tucson, where we have been since. Being in Tucson means spending lots of time with family and friends. Eating at all my favorite restaurants (so far I’ve hit Beyond Bread, Eegees, Ha Long Bay, Cafe Poca Cosa, Prep and Pastry and Nicos. Shish Kebab comes this week). I am trying to eat as much Mexican food as possible, as it really doesn’t exist in Miami.

IMG_20160712_152233 IMG_2452

I’m also spending time enjoying the scenery. Now, I love looking at the beach in Miami. The sparkling water, the boats, the swooping birds. But there is something about the Tucson Mountains. I mean really, look at this view from the front of the house we still own in Tucson. Is this not gorgeous?


What would be best is if one could find a place for me that melds both. Mountain views in my front yard and a beach in my backyard. Hawaii maybe?

I will get to enjoy these views and food for two more weeks. You may get some recipes while I’m here though. Supposedly the mother is making her famous latkes and we have two group potlucks scheduled. And the ladies of the mamafia know how to cook.