It’s My 15th Anniversary!

Mar 11th

It’s my (and my husbands) anniversary! 15 years!

Of course, I have only been a Trophy Wife for the past six of them.

I have actually changed the About Me section to reflect this. And since I was there, I also updated it to show I am currently watching Psych on Net Flix. I really love Gus. He is straight laced but fast to go along with all of Shawn’s craziness. And how can you not love someone who will let themself be called “Chocolate Einstein” and “Sh’Dynasty”.

I think Shawn and Gus would also approve of Michael and I’s wedding. At the end of the ceremony, before we walked back down the aisle, we had the best man take a ball and chain out of the shrubbery (said as if in Monty Python) and put it around Michael’s ankle. Because before I was a Trophy Wife I was a Ball and Chain. I prefer Trophy Wife. More relaxing, less nagging. 🙂


Michael missed our 11th and 12th Anniversary, due to work trips. For our 13th he was in town. So of course we went all out. Lunch at Lucky Wishbone. Which for those of you who have not been lucky enough to go to one, means fried chicken that we ordered at the counter and then ate out of greasy cardboard boxes. AZ Trophy Wife level celebration, all the way.

Last year we had just recently moved to Miami, and had no babysitters. I can’t even remember what we did.

Today, our 15th, will be different. I tried to convince Michael to renew our vows at Disneyworld. He would dress up as a King, I would be a Queen, Averi a Princess. For some reason he was not on board.

Luckily we have a plan B.

My aunt called last week and said that she would be coming to watch the kid so we could go out. Thanks Aunt Adrienne! We will be going to a super nice seafood restaurant, right on the water. Pictures to come.

Michael also took the day off of work. So this morning we took a walk along the beach, to the jetty. We even held hands while we walked.


If it hadn’t been for the mass quantities of jellyfish it would have been very romantic. 🙂


This last photo I share for two reasons. One, it is super cute. Two, it shows that Michael was already starting to loose hair. I and our 15 years together are not to blame!


Here’s to another 15 years!