It’s F’n Friday! Lets Drink!

Dec 2nd

It’s F’in Friday! A couple weeks ago I said Friday would become “Feel Good Friday” and feature a drink. But now I am adding another F element to it, so we can become F’in Friday! Because it’s F’in Friday!

Everyone who has ever lived in Florida or knows people who live in Florida seem to be obsessed with finding new stories about the craziness that occurs here. Granted, it isn’t that hard to find the stories. They appear in the news with a lot of regularity.

So much so that one of the local radio stations started playing a new game. It’s called Florida or Fiction. Basically, they tell an incredibly hard to believe, totally crazy story and you have to guess if it happened in Florida or if it is fiction and didn’t happen at all. When I was listening the other day almost all the stories were Florida. The contestants kept guessing Fiction though. The DJ’s were impressed with their (naive) faith in humanity.

So we are going to combine Feel Good Fridays with Florida or Fiction to have F’in Fridays! So make the delicious drink, and lets play! I’ll even give a Florida themed prize to who ever has the most correct answers.

Todays entries for Florida or Fiction are:

1. Man attempts to smoke crack in ICU, while hooked up to oxygen, almost burns down hospital

2. Man tattoos spider on his cheek to help him face his fear of spiders

3. Undercover police officer offered $3 and chicken for sex

4. Man throws chair at mailman because he had no mail for him

5. Man proposes to girlfriend, ties ring to alligator

6. Man removes facial tattoo with welding grinder

7. Crack-smoking man drinks capri-sun to rehydrate during police chase

8. Woman keeps alligator as pet, hand makes holiday outfits to dress it in

So, how much faith do you have in humanity? Which ones do you think are real and which ones do you think happened here in Florida? Do you know an even better Florida story?

More important, did you make the drink to enjoy while playing? It is soooo good! I had bought cherry juice for a cake I made for Thanksgiving (turned out dry, you won’t see the recipe) and wanted to use the leftover juice. Granted, in order to make this drink and use the juice we had to buy the pineapple juice and the peach schnapps, so it wasn’t exactly a cost effective way to use the juice. Especially since each drink only uses 1 tsp of cherry juice 🙂 But since we did already have the Kinky Pink Alcohol (it was their website I found the recipe on), it was worth making.

Side note on why I had Kinky Pink already. I was in Total Wine one day and there was a group of pretty girls in bathing suits and sheer cover ups buying stuff. Pretty much every male employee was helping them and offering up suggestions on what they should drink. This was one of their suggestions to the pretty girls. I was standing near by and grabbed as well. They were that persuasive. 🙂

I haven’t tried the alcohol on its own, but in this drink its fantastic. The drink has a low level of tartness to it so it’s refreshing, without tasting like pineapple juice. Which is good because I don’t like pineapple juice.

This is going into my drinking rotation. I will sit and sip, read the news, and laugh/cry at Florida.

Remember to give your guess!