Hard Boiled Eggs, In The Oven

Feb 23rd

When most people stop working they miss their coworkers. And freebies and expense accounts. Maybe feeling important and bossing people around. I miss that stuff too. Except bossing people around. As the mom of a six year old I still get to do plenty of that. 😉

But what I actually miss most (no offense, coworkers) is having a desk with drawers. Drawers that I could keep special treats in. Which no one else could get, because it was my desk.

When there is food at home, you are suppose to share it with your husband, because that’s how marriage works. But the reality is, I don’t always want to share. Sometimes it’s because I’m dieting and I splurge on a more expensive, healthier treat and I don’t want Michael eating it when he’d be okay with a less expensive, less healthy item. Sometimes it’s because I’m trying to be semi-healthy and I know that if Michael happens to eat a lot of the item, then I’ll end up eating a lot of it too, rather then just having the one or two pieces I’d consume if eating on my own. I’m a competitive eater like that. 😉

Most of the time, though, it’s just that Michael doesn’t need to know how much crap I actually consume. Or how quickly I consume it. 😉

But now I have no desk drawers to put my goods into. So I’ve taken to hiding it around the house. In Tucson this was really easy, as we had a large house with tons of storage space. Here in Miami, not so easy. Yet somehow I managed to forget where I had a stash.

So today I actually had to go through the condo to find them (that’s right, I’m being deliberately vague so as not to give Michael any clues as to my hiding spots). And since I LOVE to organize and throw things it, I started to do that as I was searching for the goodies.

I did find the goodies, which was good as I figured I deserved a reward for all my organizing. 😉 But the time spent finding them was time that I had meant to spend making a soup for Averi’s lunch this week. Which means I needed a quick Plan B for her lunch.

Hard boiled eggs it is! I make them in the oven, so they require absolutely no effort on my part, making them the perfect Plan B.


Another benefit of making hard boiled eggs in the oven is that they peel really easy and the yolk is always perfectly done. And they taste so good with seasoning salt!


I think I deserve another treat for coming up with such a great Plan B. 😉

Hard Boiled Eggs, in the Oven

Eggs, as many as you want

Preheat oven to 325.

Place eggs in a muffin tin. Cook for 30 minutes.

Let cool on own, then eat or store in fridge.