Disney Fun

Feb 18th

Just returned from five days at Disney. We actually witnessed a proposal at the Magic Kingdom this time. Except we didn’t really witness it, even though they were standing right next to us after a show ended. We were too busy chatting with the lady who was behind us, about how annoyed we all were by the couple in the front row who refused to sit down during the show, blocking everyone’s view. The lady behind us was a fan of my plan to “accidentally” spill a bottle of water, and ruin the chicks suede shoes. As we evilly laughed, we noticed the people around us were applauding. And though I am self involved, I knew the applause wasn’t for me and my plan. So we turned to find a guy holding a ring box and a crying lady holding out her hand, with a lovely rock on it. Hope she becomes a trophy wife!

We may have missed the proposal but we saw plenty of other sites.


Like weirdly dressed people. We realized later that it was Mardi Gras, so I guess they weren’t as weird as initially thought. Although, I still don’t get the socks.


Inappropriately dressed people.


Adorable dogs with miniature mickey ears that are color coordinated to their outfits.










And brochures for attractions other than Disney.

We are back in a Miami now, and cooking will commence soon. So make sure you’re following me on Pinterest at AZtrophywife. Because we are close to having our first giveaway! And you know you want to be the winner.