Cleaning Ceiling Fans – The Easy Way

Feb 21st

I detest seeing dirty ceiling fan blades. They are gross and make me feel like the whole room is dirty. So obviously, I am militant about keeping them clean. Ha! As if! What I actually do is just never turn off the ceiling fans. Then the blades are always in motion and I can’t see that they are dirty. Genius, I know.

In Arizona it was very easy to keep the ceiling fans on all the time. Because the temperatures there are normally warm, hot or hot as hell. In Miami it should be equally easy, as the temperatures here are normally gorgeous or my hair looks like Monica’s when they went to Barbados.


But in case you hadn’t heard, Miami is having record setting cold this week. School recesses where cancelled so the kids didn’t have to be outside unnecessarily. Recorded messages were sent out advising us of the dire circumstances, telling us to protect our pets and dress our kids in layers.

Because it got down into the 50’s, people! The 40’s when you factor in wind chill. I had to add hot chocolate to the peppermint schnapps I enjoyed during Averi’s tennis lesson yesterday, just to stay warm. 😉

And then when I came home, I saw it. All three of our ceiling fans were turned off. And with the Artic temperatures and howling wind coming in through all the sliding doors, THEY STAYED OFF! I could see all the dirt.


Which means my sanity and sense of well being required that I clean them. Well, really, my sanity and sense of well being requires I throw the fugly wanna be Tiffany’s things out and get something more befitting my Arizona Level Trophy Wife status. But it’s a rental, so what you can you do?

Thankfully, I actually know an insanely easy way to clean ceiling fan blades. And because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to share this cleaning trick with you.

Take a pillowcase and encase a blade inside it.
Then place your hands on the pillowcase, on both sides of the blade. Pull the pillowcase towards you, making sure to wipe off the top and sides of the blade with the inside of the pillowcase. Then everything you are wiping off falls into the pillowcase. Leaving you and the floor clean. And it only takes seconds. Repeat on all the blades. Then toss the pillowcase in the wash. Done and done.


I was so inspired that I actually kept cleaning. I dusted, vacuumed, did a load of laundry. I even cleaned a couple of mirrors and a toilet. Now I am le tired and must go rest. Under my clean, non moving fan.