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SM Traveler’s Lounge – Cebu City

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One of the worst things any traveler could experience is a lay-over. Another is that time gap between a hotel checkout and the time of your flight. Most of the time, you need to check out from a hotel at about noon. But then your flight is not for another 4 or 5 hours. I don’t know about you but I hate hanging out at airport cafes and bars. I’ve got all my baggage with me, I can’t walk around to check out stores because I don’t want to be lugging around 4 bags with me. It’s just not comfortable or convenient.

The best solution I have ever come across thus yet is the SM Traveler’s Lounge. So far, there are two branches of this travel lounge – one is in Iloilo, conveniently located near the Port which is very convenient for travelers who are going via ferries or ships. The other branch is in SM City Cebu – pretty convenient for those who would like to get a nice meal from a mall restaurant or to catch up on some last minute pasalubong shopping.

Photo from marcopolo.i.ph

Travelers or transients can store their luggage here for a set fee. They can also take a refreshing shower or even nap! Baggage storage ranges from P30 to P50 depending on the number of bags you have and how much space you would have to occupy in the locker. Itching for a shower? You can have one for 20-minutes (so for those who have extreme rituals, I think you better cough up more or just make it really quick) for P50. You can also charge your mobile phones, laptops and game consoles. WiFi is available, courtesy of SM Mall.

The lounge is open as early as 6AM and closes at 9PM, located on Juan Luna Extension near the North Wing entrance with telephone number (63-32)-232-0293.

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  1. please help me retrieve my lost baggage deposited last april 4, 2015, at around 3pm and claimed at 5:30 pm, an eco bag color dark blue with a print- ambroxol. Please help us through your CCTV monitoring. Thank you for your attention and help. God bless

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