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Getting around in the Philippines – public transport

Although the public transportation in the Philippines leaves a lot more to be desired, the fact remains that if we were to patronize public transportation, we would decongest the roads of Metro Manila and would even help the environment.

The problem with commuting in the Philippines is that it’s as complicated and as confusing as reading ancient Alibata or solving a complicated mathematical formula. Getting instructions from your friends may be more trouble than help as they have different routes and different ways of getting from one place to another, depending on where they’re coming from and what their preferred mode of (public) transportation may be.

With the help of a new All Pinoy website, one can now have some clarity in taking and using public transportation in and around the Philippines. PH-commute is a website that lists several ways of getting around the country via different transportation types. You can use the FX, LRT, MRT, bus or jeepney! Instructions are pretty clear and specific and it also still has the pinoy twist to it by giving you landmarks like “Mini Stop or 7-11”.

Although the website is still fairly new, we can support it by jotting down our ways to commute from one place to another.

Check the website PH-commute by clicking here.



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