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Asian Love Birds (Review)

Being single isn’t always easy, especially if you are an expat or have a busy schedule. It can be hard to find the time to mingle and find that special someone. If you are an expat, you are likely been asked a number of times if you know anyone who is single for your partners’ friends.

There is an ideal app for this called Asian Love Birds, which lets you quickly and easily create a free account and start scrolling through all the profiles of singles.


The driver behind this app has come from the developer’s friends. The┬ádeveloper is British and his wife is Filipina. They have many friends from Asian countries that are always asking them to find them non-Asian partners. Tinder and other apps are more focused on hookups and finding people locally.

But Asian Love Birds, is focused on introducing people from different countries. Instead of using a website they opted to use the most powerful tool; your smartphone.

The app is focused on finding individuals who are looking for a stable and long-term relationship, especially people who have tried other dating options and are looking for a different and exciting approach to finding that special someone.

This is the simple logic behind Asian Love Birds and something that sets them apart from the likes of Tinder and other similar apps.

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It’s been backwards all this time!

The dating website industry has always been focused on matching you to other people like you. But we all know that opposites attract.

Asian Love Birds is different! It does not try to match you as soon as you create your profile. Instead, it lets you chat with others, find common ground, get to know the people a little bit first and then that’s where the magic and matchmaking happens, hence their slogan “Chat Now Match Later”.


If you have used other dating websites or apps, you will have noticed that their pricing structure is multi-layered. They want to charge you to send a limited number of messages, charge you to connect with people, charge you for literally every feature and then charge you a monthly fee on top of all that!

Asian Love Birds has a very simple and straightforward process. You can register an account absolutely free (no payment details needed) and you can then pay a flat fee to access all of their features, starting from as little as $17.50 per month.

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