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5 Best Wedding Venues in the Philippines

Contrary to popular belief, Filipina brides actually don’t prefer the month of June for their weddings.

The best time to get married here in the Philippines is during December – when the breeze is just a comfortable level of cool and the nights are more romantic because of all the Christmas lights that decorate every single public space.


Here are the 5 best locations within the Philippines where you can get married:

boracay wedding

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1) Boracay, Aklan

When you’re in a country where one of the most beautiful beach in the world is at, you would want to get hitched here. Boracay has become a favorite destination for weddings especially by celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to have a beach wedding?

Although it may be a novel idea to exchange vows on the beach itself, you have to take into consideration the time of day. It may be hard saying emotional confessions of pure love when you have guests sweating 70% of their body water away or someone just fainted due to heatstroke. Sunburn is never fun too. If you do want to do it on the beach, make sure it’s not anytime between 10am and 4pm.

If the beach is too “casual” for you, we suggest that you get married at the small town church behind station 1. Balabag church is near/beside Escondido resort. You can still have a beach reception after. Best reception venues are Friday’s resort, Discovery shores, Zuzumi Cafe, Cafe del Mar or Cyma

2) Tagaytay, Cavite

Personally, although a beach wedding is on top of my list, I also want a nice quiet garden wedding. Tagaytay is a bride’s favorite destination if they like gardens and cool breezes.


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Tagaytay also has the perfect scenery – overlooking Taal lake and the volcano, green lush trees and a beautiful cool breeze to maybe flutter the bride’s hair or her veil. Plus, it’s not too far away from Manila, thus getting a destination wedding without the huge cost.

Caleruega is the most popular destination for the ceremony but we suggest you try out the small churches as well – just to make the rustic feel more authentic. For the reception, you can try Taal Vista Lodge, The Cliffhouse, Sonya’s garden or Josephine’s

3) Intramuros, Manila

If I were to get married a third time ( I really hope not but if it’s the same guy and he wants to marry me three times, I wouldn’t complain.) I would get hitched in Intramuros.

intramuros wedding

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If you plan on having a romantic wedding, Intramuros can give you the perfect ambiance. It is historic after all – with it being the center for business, commerce and government during the Spanish occupation. In fact, most of the establishments and houses there have been preserved to help the younger generation appreciate and learn about our Spanish heritage. It’s also a great showcase of Flipino-Spanish architecture. And how cool would it be to get to the church in a horse drawn calesa trimmed with fresh fragrant flowers? That’s way better than any wedding car, I’ll say.

Get married at the historic San Agustin Church or if you’re going for lavishness – the Manila Cathedral. For your wedding party, book it at Ilustrado, Barbara’s, Bistro Marinero or at Tamayo’s garden.

4) Batanes

It is the smallest province in the Philippines and also the hardest to get to as it is in the northernmost tip of the country. Your trip to Batanes can take as short as 9 hours (plane and ferry) or as long as 18 hours (by bus and ferry) However, the trip is very well worth it. Believe me.

batanes-postcardBatanes is also known as the most peaceful province there is. Hardly any crimes there and there’s nobody inside their provincial jail except the police officers (no, not the corrupt kind but rather the ones who are keeping the peace) There are also a lot of UNESCO heritage spots and cultural landmarks to visit while you’re there because trust me, you’re not just staying for a couple of days for the wedding.

Batanes has beautiful scenery – a perfect marriage of mountains, stone and coral houses, the sea and the great expanse of the sky. If God had a vacation house, Batanes would be it. Best to have your wedding there during the summer months although it rains there at anytime of the year. Just avoid the monsoon season.

Get married at the Tukon chapel and be bathed in surreal colors from its beautiful stained glass windows. Its beams and posts are also made out of recycled hardwood. You can opt to have your reception catered at the church’s estate or have it at the Batanes Resort or the Batanes Seaside Lodge.

SEAir (Tel. # (02)714-2218) and Asian Spirit flies to Batanes from two airports: Manila and Laoag in Ilocos Norte. These flights land straight to Basco on Batan Island, Batanes.

By sea, you can catch a ferry (MV Ivatan Princess) operated by the Batanes Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Tel. # 0917-793-0102) from Currimao, Ilocos Norte to Basco, Batanes and vise-versa every Wednesday and Sunday.

fort ilocandia mia candymag

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5) Fort Ilocandia

Probably one of the most luxurious places up north, Fort Ilocandia is an edifice that validates the existence of Filipino opulence. It was built by the Marcoses in 1973 and was hastily completed for then presidential daughter Irene Marcos’s wedding reception. Former dictator Ferdinand Marcos had it made not only for his daughter but also to show off his great wealth and power. It has been bought by a Hong Kong businessman from the government and refurbished it to be the only 5 star hotel and casino in Northern Luzon.

The hotel has a lot of activities for their guests and it’s near the beach as well so there’s an influx of water sports.The plus side is, you can have a beach wedding while having a hotel reception.

And here’s a bonus venue for all you planning brides:

baguio wedding

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6) Baguio City, Baguio

Baguio is also a celebrity favorite as it has the best that an urbanized and modern city can offer while still maintaining a rustic and rural feel. It’s also the summer capital of the Philippines so the weather is just perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception. The best part? Baguio supplies most of the flowers of weddings done in Manila, so you can go crazy on the flowers without spending a pretty peso.

Get married at the Baguio Cathedral – a beautiful rose colored church on top of the hill in the heart of the city. How poetic and romantic is that? Then have your reception at the Baguio Country Club, Camp John Hay or at The Clubhouse (formerly Mile-Hi Recreation Center). They also have a selection of hotels there that you can choose from.



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