Podcast #002 – LazerXtreme, Town Center, Alabang

Welcome to our second podcast which reviews LazerXtreme in Town Center, Alabang. We have a full article about LazerXtreme which you can find here.

This podcast is accompanied by a full article called “LazerXtreme“.

Standard Definition Podcast
This is a lower definition version of our podcast, you can alter the quality from 360p all the way up to 720p.

High Definition Podcast (720p)
This is very high definition and may lag if you do not have a fast connection. You may want to click on play and then pause it while the whole video loads.



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    • DiscoverPH

      Next time you can play with them na. I’ll watch over the little tyke while youplay. Di ba? Ninang will teach baby Calim all the things that a proper child needs to know – like how to love Barney, how to dress up like a Teletubby and how to speak like Dora! :P

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