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Cold? It’s Below Zero!

Summer is coming and a lot of us have planned trips to the beach. Part of this vacation is to have at least one cold bottle of beer (or five). What better way to drink your beer of a hot summer’s day or night, than with a bottle of your favorite beer, chilled to just below zero?

Beer drinking has long been a pleasure on this planet for as far back as the Egyptians and Mesopotamians in 5 BC [Wikipedia]. Although ancient Babylonians have the earliest written recipe and instruction on brewing beer, it believed that beer production and drinking have been around earlier than that. This golden brew is the oldest beverage, if not one of them, that humans have brewed.  Here in the Philippines, commercial beer production started with a royal grant by the Spanish monarchy on September 29, 1890. The brewery in the Philippines was actually the first ever within Southeast Asia and was named La Fabrica De Cerveza de San Miguel, now more known as San Miguel Corporation.

Since then, more beers have been put on shelves – all with something different to offer (stronger, smoother, light and fruity). The real problem with beer drinking, in my opinion is this: It doesn’t taste good when it’s warm. It doesn’t help that we live in a tropical country either. The normal solution for this dilemma would be to chill the beer in a freezer or to serve it with ice.

The chilling process in the freezer does produce cold beer, but it also gets warm the longer that it stays on the table or in your hands. While drinking beer with ice also solves the warm temperature concern, the ice cubes melt and dilute the taste of the beer. There should be a happy medium, right? Yes, there is and it is Beer Below Zero.

What is Beer Below Zero?

The entire premise of Beer Below Zero is that it will chill your beer in its perfect temperature so that it stays cold until the last drop. This ensures that your beer goes down smoother, stay colder longer and tastes more refreshing and crisp. Some may call it a beer drinking innovation but for me it would be a beer drinking experience.

The brainchild of three Proud Pinoys, BBZ was the result of the frustrations of three friends who can’t seem to find a place where the beer was truly cold and stays cold. After years of research and development, Luigi Nunez, Vinson Co Say and Jay-jay Angala introduced Beer Below Zero to the public.

The secret is in the freezer. It ensures that the beer is “cooked” at its perfect temperature before it is served. Now, you can’t just pop the cap open on one of your favorite brews with BBZ. Like I’ve said, it’s an experience. BBZ has their own Beertenders or BBZ Brew Experts. They are there to ensure that you have the best beer and beer drinking experience.

Pinoy Pride

The mere fact that BBZ has helped me overcome my bigotry with beer is amazing enough but they impress us a lot more after finding out that they are a pure Pinoy group.

I believe that one of the reasons why Beer Below Zero is so successful is that they understand the needs of their market. The whole concept started with the search for the perfect beer but essentially, Luigi, Vinson and Jay wanted their fellow Pinoy beer drinkers to have the same perfect experience when they have a brew. Mapag-kapwa,  I guess, is the right word for it – where every beer drinker should have access to the perfect beer experience.

Mapagkawang-gawa is also another word that I would use to describe the company behind BBZ. Aside from sponsoring our recently concluded raffle, Beer Below Zero also made a donation to the Philippine National Red Cross for the victims of Typhoon Sendong. This is one of the reasons why we will support and promote Beer Below Zero on – Beer Below Zero embodies the Pinoy entrepreneur and our Filipino values.

What’s next for BBZ?

The pioneering force behind the extremely cold beer trend, has already spread the “cold treatment” to Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Bangkok and Vietnam gaining a name in the international markets. Now on its 4th year, expansion plans include Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, HongKong, China, Macau and the mainland USA. BBZ is Proudly Philippine made.

Where do I get BBZ beers?

You can check this BBZ Ground Zero locator to find the nearest establishment that serves BBZ. Check out their official website to get more info and updates and be sure to like them on Facebook too.



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