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Bagong Bayani – Servant

Pinoys have always been very good with the arts and unlike myself where I can’t even draw a stick figure to save my life, Borgy Borgonia is a passionate artist who figuratively gave life to the newest Pinoy Superhero – Servant.

Where did Servant come from? Borgy says “Servant actually came from a desire to make a superhero that gave a nod to tropes and archetypes that came before, but in a Philippine setting and doing something different. So I took inspiration from many constants in our culture (myth, folklore, current events, movies, tv, etc.)  You’ll notice Guerrero has visual resemblances to a certain Action King, and Stella has features similar to a Star for All Seasons. There are many more, like the Del Maestro sisters being Half Japanese (Katsuko) and Half Filipino (Alex) while Viktor is Caucasian or, of course, the protagonist being a call center agent.

servantBorgonia further elaborates on why Servant is different and why Servant is so: While I like and respect the previous efforts like Darna, Captain Barbell, and the rest, they all have one thing in common: Lagi silang api. It’s like we can’t accept a Superhero na mataas na nagpakumbaba. Kailangan api-apihin muna bago bigyan ng kapangyarihan. Paano kung yung superhero naman ang ipinanganak na mataas pero pinalaki na mapagkumbaba. Atsaka nasa middle class naman na background, hindi yung laging sa below poverty line. It sends the wrong message. It’s like heroes can’t come from all walks of life, that only the oppressed can produce heroes. I found myself nodding and agreed wholeheartedly. I think pinoy superheroes do have that tendency to be “api”. I guess Servant is the first of the new breed of Pinoy superheroes.

Don’t get him wrong though, Borgy stresses that Servant is still an underdog but to a different degree. “Servant is an underdog, but in a much larger scale, because he’s the last of his kind and what he faces are challenges and decisions bigger than him. His parents grounded him into our way of life and the realities of it. He will face countries and empires, and gods, aliens, and monsters, but most importantly, moral decisions that have no easy answers. And he will make mistakes. A lot of the local superheroes are usually infallible eh, and their situations are always in black and white. I want Servant to make decisions that are the right ones, but are sometimes not the smart ones. Parang tayo rin.” Human fallibility in a superhero? That’s almost sacrilegious!

borgySo why the name “Servant”? Di ba lahat naman tayo servant in our own way? Even the ones in power are supposed to serve the people (“Public Servant”, “Servant of the People”, “Servant of the Law”, etc.). Which is also why I made Servant’s adoptive parents a cop and a doctor. Di ba dati nung bata pa tayo (well, yung generation natin) pag tinanong ang bata anong gustong maging, madalas pag lalaki pulis and pag babae doktor? (The other common ones would be sundalo, nurse, teacher, etc.) Kasi yung culture natin the traditionally men protect and the women tend to the needs. If Servant was raised by parents who fulfill those roles both as their job and as a family, mas may background sya na maging hero (may pinagmanahan, ika nga).

Save for the highly…err…”gifted” women, Servant promises to be a character to watch out for. If you want to get your own copy of Servant, the following links below can fill your need: (PDF, EPUB, and CBZ formats) (PDF format)



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