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Speed dating and the Pinoys

The search for love does not know any time, space or in this case, weather condition. It was the dawn of the typhoon but it didn’t deter 30 single Pinoys from attending the speed dating event by Date Unlimited.

Speed dating is just at its infancy in the Philippines and this was my first question to Sam – the other half of Sam and Nicole Events Management, the event organizer of Date Unlimited. The Pinoy culture has a lot of complexities especially with the aspect of dating. Contrary to popular belief, courtship is still mandatory in the dynamics of relationships in the Philippines however its rules may have changed with the times. For those who have experienced “reto” and blind dates set up by friends and relatives, most of the time, it’s an awkward situation and a game of “when is it polite for me to leave?”

Participants of the event were professionals – some were doctors, IT professionals, marketing and advertising practitioners. They were attractive, smart, spoke very well and all were excited to meet new people.

Speed dating has become some sort of underground activity where most of the participants felt a bit of “hiya” in letting other people know that they were participating in said event. However, it does provide singles an opportunity to meet other singles in the metro within a controlled environment. There are some points to consider when you’re participating in a speed dating event:

1. Let’s keep the expectations real – Prince Harry is not going to be joining. Speed dating is not about “hunting” – leave that to your prowls in the bar. You are participating to meet new people. Dating is all about meeting new people and building a friendship. If you guys end up together, that’s the bonus.

2. Look your best – First impressions are important. Don’t go out there looking like the cat just dragged you in from the dumpster. You do want to make a good first impression, right?

3. Give and Take – You only have 5 minutes to know more about this person than just his/her first name and profession. Speak and listen.

If you think you’re ready to participate, you can join Date Unlimited’s next speed dating event on September 1st at Napa restaurant at Sct. Borromeo.


The speed dating event offers limited slots (15 guys and 15 girls) on a “first pay, first serve” basis. Single professionals who are 25 to 38 years old (guys) and 22 to 35 (girls) are invited to participate. For only Php 999, you are entitled of a full course American-Italian dinner in Napa Restaurant and of course, three (3) hours of fun and opportunity to get to know the other participants of the speed dating event. The event will be held from 7pm to 10pm on September 1, 2013. To ensure everyone’s safety, alcoholic drinks will not be served during the event.

Seize the moment. Make things happen for you. Write your own destiny.

For those interested, you may register at  www.DateUnlimited.net or contact them at 0906-328-0643.



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