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Costales Nature Farm

I met this young girl and asked her if she knew where food comes from and she confidently said “The Supermarket!” Although it was hugely amusing, it also is kind of sad when I realized that the kids nowadays have absolutely no idea where food comes from or even how food is grown. As a young girl growing up in Pangasinan, I had the privilege of planting my own pechay and talong together with the kamatis in the backyard. My grandfather and uncles who loved “sabong” would also take the time to show me how the eggs are laid by hens and how to check if one is “bugok”, unfertilized or with chick. I climbed up trees to get guavas and kamachile and picked aratiles off the neighbor’s tree much to their chagrin. I made it my own personal mission to ensure that my kids knew where their food was coming from and that they should understand and realize how much hard work goes into putting the food they eat on the table. Thank goodness that Costales Nature Farm provides an opportunity to do just that – without having to buy your own farm!

Costales Nature farm is located at Brgy Gagalot in Majayjay, Laguna. They are almost at the border of Quezon and Laguna, making the place perfect for farming. What started out as a leisure farm for the retiring Costales couple, turned out to be a thriving, community-oriented and agri-touristic establishment that teaches city folk like us, the beauty and importance of farming and inspiring future generations to seriously consider farming and agriculture.

The farm is available for day tours but they can also customize your itinerary for you if you’d like to stay overnight and visit the nearby Imelda falls. They also have workshops and seminars available for those who are seriously considering farming. Their day tours range from P220 per head (for the Lakbay Aral Package) up to P950 per head (for their whole day or Isang Araw sa Bukid package). We chose to stay overnight so that we can fully experience the farming life and we were not disappointed at all!

Initially, we thought that we had to do immense mental conditioning with the kids but as it turns out, they were the ones who were already up at the crack of dawn, dragging us from our beds so that they can feed the animals, go fishing and harvest their food! It was so amazing to see them so concentrated in checking which veggies were ready to be picked, putting live bait on their fish hooks and even talking to the pigs! Their favorite was Bogart – make sure you say hello if you’re there.

For more information and to book your tour, you can visit their website or you can call the happiest farmer’s wife, Mrs. Josie Costales at 09175442023 or 091175393080..

My mom trying to harvest corn The view of Mt. Banahaw from our Villa Verical plant tubes Costales Nature Farm VillaCamping at Costales  Kid farmers



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