Typhoon Maysak Latest Info

As Typhoon Maysak approaches the Philippine shore, which is due to happen on Sunday, images of the storm look fantastic.

The latest reports state that the storm will be a category 1 as it makes landfall, then dropping to a tropical storm with wind speeds of 39-73 mph. The biggest danger is likely to be the volume of rain and not the wind speed.


Photos from the International Space Station

The following images were taken by astronauts on the international space station.

Typhoon-Maysak-ISS-2 Typhoon-Maysak-ISS-3 Typhoon-Maysak-ISS-1

Image source

Predicted Path

Typhoon Maysak - Predicted Path


Predicted Rainfall

Typhoon Maysak - Predicted Rainfall


Animated Computer Model

Typhoon Maysak - Animated Computer Model

Animated Satellite Image

Typhoon Maysak - Animated Satellite Image



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