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Pride runs Deep – FILApinas Send off

Fila is a chic, practical and affordable sportswear brand that is very popular amongst the Filipinos. Fila Philippines has been in the country for almost 14 years and is the only franchise that is allowed to non-conforme to the principal directive. This has given Fila Philippines an opportunity to create, develop and promote subcategories or sub brands that are very reflective of the Filipino spirit and psyche.

Fila Philippines has recently announced that they are sponsoring the country’s national rugby team – the Philippine Volcanoes. Last night, June 6th, 2013, at the Prince Albert restaurant at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati city, Fila Philippines officially presented the team with their official jersey. This jersey will be donned by the players when they compete for the cup at the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow, Russia this coming June 28 – 30.

We wish the Philippine Volcanoes good luck and hope that they bring home the glory!

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