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7k Pinoy names on Curiosity Rover (Mars)!

We have just, as an entire human race, celebrated the landing of the Curiosity rover on the planet Mars. Today marks a huge achievement for mankind and the Philippines made its mark on Mars together with the success of the Mars Rover. Just how did the Pinoys make a mark in Mars?

Back in 2009, NASA offered a chance for everyone to “go to” Mars. They asked those who wanted to be part of the Mars mission to submit their names by registering on their website. The registered names were then written on a microchip that was embedded on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover.

According to the official NASA post here, there are 1.2 million names that were submitted from people all over the world! The microchip is tiny so you could imagine how small the names are. According to this official list from NASA, there are 7753 Filipino names on that microchip! (Although I worry about the number of jejemon names on there. I can just imagine aliens going “What is a Vhoyet?”

The mars rover Microchip

image from NASA’s website

The entire world is rooting for you Curiosity and we hope that you give us news – good news!

Mabuhay ang ‘Sangkatauhan! Mabuhay tayong lahat!



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