BPI: Provide ID or Lose Access (UPDATED)

BPI have announced that all customers must provide a completed form and a photocopy of their ID before the close of business on Wednesday August 31st (date is incorrect, see below). Failure to do so could result in internet, mobile and ATM banking being disabled on your account. You will only be able to perform over the counter transactions.

The requirement is due to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 706 dated 2011.

This could also mean that large queues could be expected at BPI from Tuesday onwards as more and more customers become aware of this requirement (or did not get the update below!).


BPI informed Rappler via a phone call that the date stated on BPI’s website should be September and not August.

In an advisory on Friday, August 26, BPI told its clients to update their information by August 31 or risk losing their online, mobile, and ATM access.
However, in a phone interview with Rappler, BPI Strategic Brand and Communications Management Head Tricia Quiambao clarified that the “deadline should be by the end of September, not August.”

BPI also announced this in a Facebook post.


For some reason, the original notice has not changed and still states August 31st (as of 00:13am Aug 30th).

BPI Branch Notice Screenshot

What do I need to do?

1) Complete the following form (click to download form): Customer Information Sheet (CIS) and Foreign Account Tax ComplianceAct (FATCA) Form.

2) Visit your BPI Branch and provide them with the completed form and a photocopy of one (1) valid, recent, and photo-bearing ID.

Were you affected by this?

Let us know in the comments below.



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