APEC Internet Blackout!

With APEC just 2 days away (Nov 18th & 19th), I have received reports that PLDT and Globe have announced that there will be an internet and telephone blackout. However, this is being refuted as well as being partially confirmed for security reasons.

“We’d like to assure people our services are operating normally. But, these may be affected in some areas by public safety measures for APEC”, Isberto posted on Twitter, November 16, 2015.

Furthermore, the article states “However, NTC will meet with representatives of telcos today, November 16,  at 2PM to discuss about signal disruption issue in APEC venues“.

It is being reported that a blackout could happen due to PLDT providing a 8.5Gbps connection to APEC and hotels where attendees will be staying as well as security measures in place. As such, internet and telecommunications in some locations could be effectively switched off. However, sources are scant of most information.

Shortly after, Globe contacted some customers via SMS to announce that they too would be switching off their internet and telecommunications starting on Nov 17th.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information and we can only assume that in the worst case, there will be no internet or telecommunications between Nov 17th and Nov 20th.

With no internet or telecommunications, it is highly likely that remittance services and ATMs will be offline.

What else is happening due to APEC?

  • Homeless and poor arrested and detained
  • Flights Cancelled in and out of NAIA
  • Government Offices Closed
  • Many Other Businesses Closed
  • APEC Only Lanes on many roads
  • Remittance Services Offline
  • ATMs Offline
  • Delayed Deliveries causing some businesses to close

If you are within Metro Manila, I would strongly suggest that you stock up on food, drink and money and then do not venture into Manila unless absolutely necessary.

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