Blue Mango Inn – Boracay

Boracay is still one of the top beach destinations in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t want to be in the second best beach in Asia and 4th in the world? Truth be told though, the Boracay today wasn’t anything like the Boracay that I knew and fell in love with.

I miss the old Boracay – the beach that didn’t have any concrete establishments that gleamed and blared. Bars then were put up with the surroundings in mind, barely lit with candles and low yellow incandescent bulbs. The resorts, though it had airconditioners and other hotel amenities, weren’t built to be cement edifices – they were made with pawid, bamboo and other natural materials. A place has got to evolve and change in order to survive, I understand that. I’m just saying I miss the good old days. Vaughn Pratt is probably the best person to talk to about the good old days of Boracay. Good thing we’re staying at his resort.

The Blue Mango Inn is the the best option to stay at if you’re at Boracay with family. Established in 2005 (pictures of the completion and roofing are on the wall of the resort), The Blue Mango Inn is not just a bar and resort it’s also a Dive Center. The guest houses/rooms at the back reminded me of the good old days of Boracay – surrounded by trees, plants and the visiting giant grasshopper and a couple of fireflies dancing ’round a tree.

The staff were the gems of this place. They were friendly, helpful and sincere. I caught a cough when I was there and lost my voice on the second day. Immediately, they sent some warm water with some salt and boiled lagundi for me to gargle with. I didn’t ask it from them but they just knew I needed it.

The Blue Mango may not be a luxury place but it had the coziness of a real home and the rustic appeal of how a Pinoy beach should be. Plus, their rum and coke is 50 pesos a pop. That alone, sold me.

To make a reservation or to get more info, visit their website here.



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