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    • Ian Victor

      You’re welcome! Hope you visit the inn. It’s really lovely. A must see in Bohol would be the old convent and the church. Here’s a bit of Philippine history trivia: The Dauis church in Bohol is probably one of the few Catholic churches in Asia that still delivers mass in Latin. And get this, it’s actually an African American priest who does it: Father Joseph Skelton.

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    • Ian Victor

      You can click on our categories for hotels and you’ll find some that we stayed in that are low to mid range in terms of price but they’re in Manila. There are a number of low to mid range hotels/inns in Bohol but we like BBB because if its very homey feel.

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    • Ian Victor

      Hey Ted!

      We’re moving towards adding videos, don’t worry. We’re just in the process of getting a better camera. Don’t worry, it’s in the works. :)

      We don’t have a twitter account just yet but we have a facebook fan page. You can most definitely follow us there.

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    • Ian Victor


      Most of the ideas I get are from first hand experiences or recommendations from friends. Sometimes, I get lost somewhere (literally, LOL!) and I discover something worth looking at twice.

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      Thank you Thelma!

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