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Food List – Healthy Pinoy food

Food list importance made itself known to me lately. For the past year, we have made a lot of changes in our household especially in terms of food and what we ingest. Eating healthy means that we try to stay away from common ingredients used in a lot of products that are medically proven to be harmful to our bodies.  We always keep a food list before we go do our groceries and keep these items completely banned in the house:

  1. Anything with TBHQ and/or BHA
  2. Anything with Red 40
  3. Anything with Yellow 5
  4. Anything with Yellow 6
  5. Anything that we cannot pronounce or understand

We have compiled a food list of items to watch out for within the ingredients and you can find out more about them here.

It is very difficult to find products that do not contain these ingredients that are within the same price range as that of your usual product. There are healthier alternatives but they are usually branded, imported and very expensive. Don’t worry though, there are affordable Pinoy made alternatives that are just as good, if not, better (at least for me).

We’ve made a healthy food list that show healthy alternatives to your current product. We have used these products before and we highly recommend them:

Farmer John’s Premium Potato Chips – The makers of Leslie’s Clover Chips made these organic and TBHQ free potato the farm organicschips for those who would like to eat healthy. They have a variety of flavours and use natural flavours and ingredients.

The Farm Organics – Organic beef that you won’t feel guilty serving to your family. I love their sirloins and anything they have cut into a steak. Heck, I’ll eat anything they have.

Risa Chocolates – Artisan chocolates that can give Royce a definite run for its money. They use all locally sourced ingredients and muscovado sugar. Yummy!

Super Tuyo and friends – They have tuyo in three variants, Super Pusit and Super Labahita. All of them are super sarap and super affordable!super tuyo with gbert tongco

Lily’s Peanut Butter – We haven’t had any peanut butter in the house because the kids have peanut allergies but if and when I get a chance, I buy Lily’s peanut butter. True, the oil found on the top of the bottle is a mess but the reason you have that is because it’s pure peanut oil. They only use peanuts and sugar. Their formula has not changes since they started.

Lipa Fresh Buko Juice – Still the best hangover cure for me. One bottle of this after waking up and I feel better. The best is still to get the buko water fresh from the freshly cracked buko but if you can’t have that, this is a better alternative to those “hydrating/energy” drinks.

Technically, it’s not food per se but it deserves to be mentioned here – Café Mary Grace is a wonderful 100% Pinoy café/restaurant that has amazing food, excellent service and delicious coffee. Too bad the coffee comes in just one size.

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. I’m grateful that these local brands provide a healthier and better alternative and I’m more than happy to purchase their products.




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