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Noche Buena Recipes

If you’re still wracking your brain trying to think of what to cook this Noche Buena, here are a few traditional Filipino meals you can prepare. would like to thank for most of the recipes and video demos!

1. Morcon – Considered a holiday dish because of how rich it tastes and how it is prepared, Morcon is a noche buena staple on the Filipino Christmas table. When prepared right, it almost melts in your mouth and treats your senses to a myriad of flavors and textures.

2. Lechon – Always a hit at the dining table, lechon or roast pig is one of the best noche buena fares. Unless you have a roasting pit at home, I would suggest you just buy it off a reputable lechon store or if you really want to do it, here’s a video how to for you

3. Embutido – Every family has their own variation of embutido. I like putting mozzarella in it, just to give it a very chewy and creamy taste. This is’s version

4. Lumpiang Shanghai – Kids love lumpiang shanghai, so make sure you have this on the dining table. It’s a pretty simple dish to make.

5. Molo Soup – Christmas Noche Buena is not complete without a soup dish and aside from sopas, Molo is the most popular soup dish on the dining table.

6. Pancit – The Chinese also has their influences on us and it reflects on the Noche Buena traditional pancit. Noodles are supposed to symbolize long life and eating pancit on special occasions mean that the eater is going to have a longer and more prosperous life.

7. Kare-Kare – This dish could be something that your foreign guests would appreciate. The peanut sauce is the key to a great kare-kare and of course, the ox tripe. Watch panlasangpinoy’s step by step instructions on how to cook kare kare

8. Crema de Fruta – I’ve always loved this special holiday dessert. Noche buena isn’t complete without some crema de fruta on the table.

9. Leche Flan – Another pinoy favorite, the leche flan is a guaranteed hit on the dining table. This soft and delicate dessert is mostly made of egg yolks and milk, ergo the name leche, from the Spanish word for milk.

10. Macaroni Salad – Syempre, noche buena won’t be complete without some form of salad. For this post, we’ll be showing you how to make macaroni salad

Happy cooking everyone and have a delicious Noche buena! *burp*



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