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Mary Grace Cafe

It’s been a while that I’ve heard about Mary Grace cafe. In fact, I’ve had a couple of meetings there already but I never really paid too much attention to it – for me at that time, it was just another cafe with quirky and homey interiors that reminded me of my great aunt’s house in the province. My perspective changed when I had breakfast in their Southmall branch.

cafe mary grace hanging lanterns insideOn one of the weekends that I was running errands, I found myself in the mall a wee bit early for opening time and so I decided to wander around Food Street (SM Southmall’s newly renovated wing) to find a place where I can have coffee. Mary Grace cafe wasn’t open yet but their wait staff, Luigi, welcomed me and told me that they will be opening soon and if I wanted to come in, I could. I ordered my breakfast and Luigi went on to coordinate with the kitchen and pretty much gave me free reign to take photos and wander around the cafe.

A section of the cafe had a wall with different items such as books, handicrafts, bottled preserves and the ever lovely Risa chocolates. This wall is actually dedicated to entrepreneurial women, housewives and cooperatives who would like to earn a little bit of extra money by selling their wares. Books are also available for sale – to which I most definitely took advantage of! Nag-shopping talaga ako lalo na that there was Risa chocolates there! Who can say no to chocolates anyway? This is such an amazing and noble action that Cafe Mary Grace have been implementing in all their stores. Binibigyan niya ng pagkakataon ang mga ibang kababaihan na magkaroon ng mapagkakakitaan para sa kanilang mga pamilya.

The food is absolutely delicious! I don’t think I have ever snarfed down food like that in public! If I could, I would’ve licked my plate clean but that wouldn’t be too proper so I managed to control myself and just subtly licked my spoon. Their breakfast menu is sufficient and is very pinoy talaga. Their Vigan longganisa breakfast is both heavenly and almost sinful. I also have found my newest favorite appetizer: the dulong pate! Kung di lang talaga nakakahiya, didilaan ko ang plato ko para lang masimsim ko ang dulong.

I left the store with a promise that I will be back as much as possible or at least every time I’m at Southmall or at any place na merong Mary Grace Cafe. So far, I’m loving this brand new habit. :)





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