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Juan’s Bistro – MOA

Filipino food has gone through so many changes and improvements. Our cuisine is now getting international recognition and some innovative chefs have even created beautiful, artistic and delicious Filipino dishes that are both contemporary and soul satisfying. Sometimes, you just want to have a good old traditional Filipino dish.

Juan’s Bistro offers diners authentic home cooked Filipino dishes at a very affordable price. It’s located at the food strip at Mall of Asia. Honestly, the reason we chose this restaurant was that I was trying to avoid having to feed my kids any more fast food. I thought, might as well teach them how to eat real food and it’s time they also experience how it is to eat at different restaurants and hopefully, teach them a bit of culinary culture, history and appreciation. On an off note, the next week, we tried Japanese and it was awesome.

Juan’s Bistro seemed promising. It was serving authentic Pinoy food, it was affordable and it had a nice simple and clean interior. We were one of the very first customers so the wait staff had given us sufficient attention. They took our orders but it seemed that the wait staff assigned to us wasn’t writing our orders down and kept on messing it up.

From the open kitchen, it was obvious that they cooked the orders as it was taken and called out for. I like that – it means that the food we’re getting wasn’t sitting on a heating tray for a while. But as the lunch crowd started to fill out the place, the wait staff were also starting to get harried and was getting unorganized. If I weren’t with my kids, I’d be all nonchalant about it. It could be that they were new wait staff members and are still in training, it could also be just one of those days where Murphy pays a visit. But I was with my kids and that meant I had a different set of expectations and requirements.

Maybe it was just that day. Perhaps I should go and visit them again to see if things are different. I would still say Juan’s Bistro is still a good place for authentic Pinoy food, yung tipong lasang lutong bahay talaga.



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