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Farmer John Premium Potato Chips

The trouble with trying to eat responsibly (Yes, there is such a thing) is that you almost always end up with nothing to munch on. Most chips and snack food contain a plethora of chemicals that we do not allow in the household – TBHQ is one of them, as well as MSG and colorings such as Yellow 5 & 6, Brilliant Blue, Red 40 and all its variants. We’d rather not eat nor feed our kin with chemicals, thank you very much. That being said, I challenge you to go to your nearest convenience store and take a look at all the food there that do not have any artificial flavors, colorings or additives in their ingredients. I doubt you can step out of the store with two different kinds of snack food that fit the requirements. So, you can appreciate what I go through when I have to get some snacks for movie marathon night.

There are items that can be bought, don’t get me wrong. But they’re quite expensive and because there isn’t much of a demand for them, they’re very few and usually keep in low stocks. Plus, they’re almost always imported.

Photos from Farmer John Facebook Page

Enter the latest snacking salvation for me and my family: Farmer John Premium Potato Chips. When we first saw them, I was in doubt whether or not they’d have all natural ingredients, that was until I’ve read the ingredients:

  1. Potatoes
  2. Vegetable Oil (May consist of coconut oil and/or Pal Olein
  3. BBQ Seasoning (For the Mesquite BBQ flavor. Salt for the plain salted one)
  4. Starch
  5. Sugar
  6. Iodized Salt

That’s it. No TBHQ, no MSG, no other unpronounceable names and numbers.  It is also GMO free! Natural potatoes – just the way nature intended it and just the way we like it in our family.

Another selling point for me was that it’s made by Leslie‘s, the same company that makes a childhood favorite – Clover Chips. Leslie’s, as far as I can remember, was probably one of the very first snacks to actually print the RDA information on their snack packets.

Farmer John also has the Freshness Guarantee. It says at the back of the packet, on the potato, that if you’re not satisfied with the product, you should save the bag and the rest of the contents and contact them. They said that they’re more than happy to replace the bag. I haven’t tried this but I kind of want to, just to see if they’re going to push through with their promise.

For parents, I highly recommend this chichiria for your kids. It allows the kids to have chips but you don’t have to worry if they’re ingesting some form of petrochemical so no guilt. And you can also have a couple of chips for yourself (if the kids are generous enough to give you some. Perhaps it would be better if you buy your own bag, eh?)

I would assume that the chips are baked and not fried because I don’t get oily fingers afterwards – you know, the kind of salty shiny fingers that are the end result of dredging the bottom of the bag for crumbs?  The bag does say 0% transfat so I guess I’ll take it from there.

Farmer John has 4 flavors: Simply Salted, BBQ Steak, Mesquite BBQ and Cheddar cheese. Buy them at the nearest convenience store or supermarket today.



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