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Pinoy Xmas Gifts!

About a couple of weeks ago, I got this forwarded message on Facebook. Granted that I immediately delete or ignore forwarded stuff because they’re mostly game invites or hoaxes – but this one was awesome and I couldn’t help but happily commit my worst crime of sharing and spreading it.

The concept of buying Pinoy is not new. I’ve discussed the intricacies and the psyche behind the (lack of) purchases of 100% Pinoy products and I completely understand other people’s hesitations. So, I made it easier for all of us by making this list of Awesome Pinoy Products to purchase and give as Xmas presents!

Super Tuyo

Photo from Super Tuyo’s FB page

1. Super Tuyo – Walang Pinoy na di mahilig sa tuyo. Wala nang sasarap pa sa isang almusal na may mainit na kanin, itlog na maalat at may bagong pritong tuyo! Tuyo is no longer a poor man’s food and is now a gourmet delicacy that is used in pasta dishes, canapes and what have you. I even saw one guy put some tuyo flakes on top of his calamansi muffin! (Don’t ask me, I don’t judge). I’ve had a lot of commercial bottled tuyo in the market but so far, my favorite is Tongco Catering’s Super Tuyo. Tuyo is not the only product they deliciously bottle. They also have the Super Pusit and Super Labahita. To order, you can check out their Facebook page or give them a call or send an SMS to 0915 290 4546 (Look for GBert)


Photo from Stanley Chi’s website

2. Stanley Chi’s Pogi Shirts – Stanley Chi is the original isnabero – isnabero kasi pogi! Pinoys have always been known to have a happy attitude. We love humor so much and we show it on our shirts! Check out Stanley’s “Pogi” series shirts and induce a chuckle or even a conversation.

You can check out Stanley’s website and click on his online shop to order his shirts, beanies, dolls, siopao purse and his books. Who knows, baka puede pa nyang i-autograph!

Risa Chocolates

Photo from Risa Chocolates’ website

3. Risa Chocolates – There are a number of Pinoy artisan chocolates that are coming out in the market lately. This is long way overdue, in my opinion dahil ang Pinoy ay kilala na sa pagiging mahilig sa matamis. My boyfriend keeps on complaining about how sweet everything is here int he Philippines. Mula spaghetti hanggang tinapay, talagang angking “sweet” ang Pinoy.

I personally love their South Cotobato Coco Sugar Major Crave! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! It literally takes me to a very happy place. You can purchase Risa chocolates in Mary Grace cafes or you can call them at +639189424573 / +639175657185. You can check out their website or their Facebook page

Cebu Best mango chocolate4. Cebu Best Mango Chocolates – Since we’re on the subject of chocolates, this next item got a personal standing ovation and slow clap from me. Imagine the best and sweetest mangoes dipped in luxurious Belgian chocolate…now imagine having it in your hands and slowly indulging in it…yeah… So what are you still doing sitting around and reading this? You HAVE to get a box of these bad babies! Philippine Airlines serves them on board if you’re traveling from Cebu to HK.

Unfortunately, their website is still sort of under construction but you can buy a box or two at Kultura shops around the metro. You can also buy them in Cebu at the Cebu Best Pasalubong Atbp store in Lahug (of course) and if you’re in Manila, you can call +632-632-2166  to order. But you have to pick it up in Pasig. It’s well worth the trip, I tell you.


katipunan pale ale

Photo from Katipunan Craft’s page

5. Katipunan Craft Ale – On to alcoholic beverages! Pinoys are known for alcoholic beverages such as lambanog, tapuy and basi. Yeah, we’re known for our San Miguel beer and others but there doesn’t seem to be an artisan beer (if there is such a thing) Good thing that there is now the Katipunan Craft Ale!

For their first foray in specialty beer brewing, they have introduced the Indio Pale Aleand have limited stocks for you to try. (All the more that you should go and get one now. Like, right now. Don’t finish this story, just go! Oh wait… you need to finish the article to know where to get them) You can only purchase them from Ritual in The Collective at Malugay St in Makati (4004326) or have a bottle or two at Sa Kanto over at the Podium in Ortigas (4779045). Check out their Facebook page for more info as their website is still “fermenting”

We hope that you support Pinoy products and help lift the local economy. These products have the stamp of approval! Don’t forget to get some Manila Sole shoes as well!

Let us know if you have any other pure Pinoy products that you recommend. We are always on the look out for more Pinoy made goodies!




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