Online shopping – Zalora (Review)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Scrooge but I strongly dislike going out to the malls to shop every holiday season. I guess I tend to lose the Christmas or holiday spirit when I have to line up for a ridiculously long time to a visibly tired cashier who has also lost the holiday spirit. Then there are the throes of people who trample on your feet without bothering to apologize and then there’s the traffic. It’s just not worth it! One way of getting around this is to do your Christmas shopping WAY early (like January) and avoid the holiday rush. It’s a great idea but you tend to lose track of the presents you’ve bought and they could be out of fashion or something else. Another way is to just go online.

I’m a convert to online shopping. I never really liked the idea of sharing my financial information online but having that great experience with made me rethink my position. I still didn’t like inputting my credit card info so I researched for online shops or malls that allowed COD (Cash on Delivery) and I found Zalora. is probably one of the most advertised online shopping site and as with any popular site, the reviews are split. I decided to try it for myself and see how they fared. The registration was fairly painless and though they have a lot of brands, I find that their shoes inventory was a bit “bitin”. I found myself this wonderful blue dress from Space and a pair of sexy studded red pumps from Spurr and placed the order. I was told via email that I would have my items within 3 working days. I wasn’t really expecting it to be 3 days since it was already so near to Christmas. But I was pleasantly proven wrong.

2 days after my purchase, while I was at the grocery, I got a text from my boyfriend saying that a delivery was there for me from Zalora. I asked if they could wait as I was just about to head on home. They did and I was greeted by Kuya Edgar, the Zalora delivery lord. He was so pleasant and indulged me for a photo and even asked if I can make sure that the Zalora branding was visible in the photo. Congrats, Zalora! You have an excellent employee right here! He explained the 30 day return policy and showed me the forms I had to fill up if and when I wanted to do a return. He stayed while I checked the box and the contents to ensure that I was happy with it and congratulated me on my purchase and wished me well in whatever event I was going to wear them for. I was blown away by this awesome display of service excellence!

Yes, it’s true. I’m now a convert. In a land where traffic and parking is always a problem, shopping online is a secure and convenient way to shop. Now, excuse me while I check out the sales online.




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