27 Comments on Month long Anniversary Promo from DiscoverPH.com – Beer Below Zero

  1. Harvie Calim

    I like my Beer Below Zero because nothing beats the taste of arctic intoxication sliding down your throat and freezing your mind. And because only idiots try to drink their beer at less than sub-zero temperatures. It’s either that or sheer desperation, whichever comes first.

  2. Lorraine

    I want Beer Below Zero! Sad the nearest bar here that offers it closed. :( But when I go out when I see BBZ sign then yun dun na kami ng friends ko.

    • DiscoverPH

      Thanks for your comment Lorraine! I know Beer Below Zero is working on making arctic cold beer available in almost every bar and location in the country. Good luck on the raffle! :)

  3. I want Beer Below Zero because I miss those days when I’m still young and fascinated with the “Brain Freeze” feeling I got with frozen cola. Today, I want to experience the brain-freeze goodness of Beer Below Zero!

  4. Mica

    Wow! Who doesn’t want Beer Below Zero? Just in time, my friends Suzanne and Linda are in town and I want them to experience their favorite local Beer Below Zero.

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